Michael Cohen

Paul Manafort, gave up the fight and plead guilty on eight counts of violating federal marketing campaign regulations.

This is huge blow to Trump administration, as he earlier hinted to pardon Michael Cohen, yet he pleaded guilty. Following this President Donald Trump is trying to distant himself from the tinted lawyer.

Former marketing campaign chair Paul Manafort is convicted on eight counts of fraud, These charges could land him a 30 years sentence. Soon more of Donald Trump’s associates may land in jail following these convictions.

Among the biggest blows to the head man , lawyer Michael Cohen turned on Trump and pled responsible to eight counts of violating federal marketing campaign regulation.

Stormy Daniels, The porn actress, who is the middle of the whole Cohen-gate, is threatened and constantly under verbal attacks from Trump and his supporters. She took a jab at Cohen’s plea deal and it’s probably their inside thing, but we understand what happened.

There is not much clarification on the matter, but it seems it is a respond to something Cohen said or did to her earlier.

Here is how it begin , in June 2006, Ronan Farrow’s, New Yorker’s journalist exposed that McDougal had an affair with Donald Trump. Storm revealed also revealed that she had an affair with Donald Trump.

Later in January 2018 , Wall Street Journal reported that Cohen paid off Daniels a huuuuge sum of (pun intended) $130,000 in 2016, just a month earlier of presidential election, in order to stop her discussing details of affair.

According to Michael Avenatti , this is in violation of Federal Marketing Campaign Regulations, and thus everyone with prior consent to this action in Trump’s Campaign is liable.