Manoj Mauryaa an artist whose creativity takes a multi-disciplinary approach to express itself completely. The relationship between man and universe can best explain the multidimensional approach of his creative endeavors which makes him an artist, writer, thinker, filmmaker, creative director of my advertising agency, Muse Advertising. As per Manoj when a part (man) comes out of the whole (universe), the part is complete and so is the whole. Similarly, the different parts of his creativity like art, cinema, advertising, literature are absolute from each other and from their main source.

His work is the manifestation of his creativity. The biggest myth related to creativity is that it is reserved for disciplines of art, literature, etc. His vision is to assimilate creativity in all sectors of society like education, government, environment, corporate. He believes that creativity has the power to solve the modern days’ problems the world is facing. This is the time when creativity needs to expand its horizons and make itself useful for the higher purpose of the society and for the world.

As an artist, he has been a forerunner in elevating the essence of painting from being just a form of expression to a more encompassing form of mass participation. He firmly believes that the art should engage the audience, interact with them and be more instrumental for the society.

His Art

Painting is the most creatively satisfying form of my expression. While painting I get transcended to a level which makes me experience my core essence. This is the state of consciousness where contemplation begins. These thoughts generated are influenced by my vision, emotions and current affairs. My paintings are highly thought centric, contemporary and introspective. They interact with you, provoke thought, action and intellect. I am a strong proponent of constructive art. An art that has the potential to influence the contemporary times with its journey, is constructive in the true sense. Subjects often seen in my paintings include spirituality, philosophy, mysticism, social issues, current affairs, women, and nature.

Born in Benaras, I have learned the discipline from nature much before a formal education in the field. After earning a B.A. in Hindi Literature & Psychology, I pursued B.F.A from M.G.K.V.P University in Varanasi followed by a PG in Advertising & Public Relation from IIMC, New Delhi.

• Awards National Award by Madhya Pradesh Shramjivi Patrakar Sangh during the event held for commemorating Late Honorable Journalist Shri. Ambadutt Bhartiya at Sehore for contribution in the field of arts, films, literature, fine arts & journalism.
• Rashtriya Sanman Award for contribution towards national economic development in 2011 by National Education and Human Resource Department.
• Nomination for ‘Design for Social Impact – Young Creative Entrepreneur Award in 2012 by British Council.

Exhibitions/ Events

Exhibitions Solo Exhibitions
ReBORN, Nehru Centre Art Gallery (Mumbai)

Group Exhibitions:
Charity for Kargil Nehru Art Gallery (Varanasi)
National Environment (Varanasi)
Lalit Kala Vibhag (Varanasi)
Nehru Centre Art Gallery (Mumbai)
N.G.M.A (Kala Ghoda Mumbai)
Naksha (Bandra-Mumbai)

Live Paintings Event:
Andha Yug, a Hindi Play
Theme: The Subconscious journey of Krishna,
Gandhari and Arjun and its contemporary relevance
Exhibition Venue: Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai

Faiz Ahmed Faiz, a Hindi Play
Theme: Hunger Politics and Common Man
Exhibition Venue: National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), Mumbai

Indian Classical Musical Fest along with Bundelkhand & Rajasthani Folk Arts
Theme: Musical Journey
Exhibition Venue: Chinmaya Vibhuti, Kolwan, Pune


The 2011 Year in Review– A juried, international all-medium-encompassing premier showcase for international emerging contemporary art and one of the most influential presences in the expanding global art market.

2011 Creative Rising Exhibition Campaign by See Me New York – an online, international creative community with over 850,000 global members.

A unique initiative by the renowned artist Manoj Mauryaa helping to Kerala Floods CM Relief Fund through his paintings. The entire sale proceedings of above-mentioned paintings will be credited to the Kerala Floods CM Relief Fund.

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