The European Union has imposed a fine of 4.34 billion euros (approximately 34,308 crore) of antitrust fines on Google. This penalty is illegal for the use of the Android operating system for the benefit of its search engine. European Union Commissioner Margaret Westzer said, “Google has used the Android to strengthen its search engine. It is illegal in accordance with the European Union’s antitrust rules. ‘They said, ‘Google should close it within 90 days or else it will have to pay 5 percent of the earnings from the alphabet as a penalty.’

Google says that he will appeal against this fine. Google spokesman Al Varni said, “Android is designed to give more choice to people. It helps in reducing the cost of rapid innovation and good facilities. ‘Earlier, the European Union had invested 2.4 billion euros on Google. This time the penalty seems to be double the last. The threat of trade war has increased after this decision. Explain that President Donald Trump has imposed a duty on the import of steel and aluminium from Europe.

According to sources, the EU commissioner, Westzer, took this step before Google’s Chief spoke on the phone with Sunder Pichai and told about his decision. He said that Google compels many phone makers to install Google Chrome browser in advance. Some apps have to be searched for Google to license and Google Search and Chrome are already installed in the phones sold in European Union.

The commission says that Google Phone companies also already have funds to install Google Search. These decisions from Westzer have received great praise from the European Union countries, but in Washington there is anger against it. In Europe, Brussels has been continuously targeting the growing dominance of Silicon Valley on internet search. This would be interesting to know further progress on this front.