Facebook has said they will not remove fake news from its platform, because such posts do not violate their ‘community standards’. Social networking site Facebook is currently running a campaign against Fake News in Britain (UK). The name of the advertisement associated with it has been given ‘Fake News Is Not Our Friend’.

On the contrary, now Facebook says that people who post such kind of fake stuff will face difficulty and a ‘very different view’ and the removal of them will be ‘contrary to the basic principle of freedom of speech’. Facebook has said that it will not remove such kind of Fake News but will push it down a lot in News Feed.

Now it is clear that Fake News will remain on Facebook but will not be easily seen. In other words, you will have to do the search that fake news if you love such kind of fake news probably you will be ending up spending a good amount of time. In the last presidential election of the United States, there was evidence of alleged Russian intervention through social networks. Since then, Facebook is in the groin of questions about the role in the spread of Fake News.

In a recent program in New York on Wednesday, the company tried to convince the journalists that they are trying to deal with Fake News. During this time, a CNN reporter questioned that there is still a page named ‘Infowars’ on Facebook, in this case how the company can claim to deal with misleading information. Live talk shows are shown on ‘Infowars’. This page has more than 9 million followers on Facebook. Its host Alex Jones has 24 million subscribers on YouTube. Many miscommunicated information has been spread through the ‘Infowars’ page. There are many pieces of evidence that this information is wrong. In 2012, the firing at Sandy Hook School was also miscommunicated on this page.

Replying to CNN reporter, Facebook’s John Hagman categorically said, “We made Facebook give voice to the people.” The company said that the Fake News that does not violate its rules will not be removed. But yes, that bogus content will be significantly lower than other meaningful quality materials.

A Facebook spokesman told CNN, “People can post it as an expression, but we will not show these stories up in the news feed.”

The debate on Fake News post on Facebook is heating up and in between so many statements are coming from the company’s executive and spokespersons. As a responsible social media giant does it make sense that a platform for the people to give voice to people and the community guidelines of Facebook is above everything. Why don’t Facebook be interested to stop such kind of things and make Facebook a better and sensible place? Honestly the trustworthiness of Facebook should not be questioned as the content on Facebook, whether it is a text, video or a photo is basically the contribution from an individual or a community and there are certain guidelines but when it comes to objectionable content immediately Facebook comes into action then why don’t in case of Fake News???

Let’s see how such kind of things will take shape in coming days… I hope things will be better and we’ll have a great future as in present scenario Social Media is big and it is getting bigger. Sometimes I believe they can change the entire scenario. Let’s do better things in a present for an amazing future.