overwatch brigitte confirmed

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Overwatch hero Brigitte Lindholm, daughter to Torbjörn and squire to Reinhardt, now resides for gamers on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Brigitte’s skills take inspiration from each her father’s and her mentor’s skills. Like Torbjörn, she tosses out armor packs for her allies, although hers heal, if doable, and solely then present armor if the consumer is at most well being. She additionally heals her close by allies whereas dealing injury along with her major weapon, the Rocket Flail. Like Reinhardt, she swings her flail in an arc in entrance of her, knocking anybody in its path round. Brigitte is an engineer, nonetheless, in order an added enhancement she will be able to launch the pinnacle of her flail out to nail an enemy at distance in a nasty “Whip Shot”.

Like Reinhardt, she additionally has a Barrier Defend that may take in a restricted quantity of harm when raised, however, hers solely covers her physique and anybody standing straight behind her, moderately than the in-depth protection that Rein supplies his workforce. Together with her protect up she will be able to additionally carry out a Defend Sprint, charging ahead to stun an enemy equally to how Reinhardt pins folks (although possible much less damaging, and with a higher concentrate on the stunning impact). Her final skill, Rally, offers her a brief pace enhance along with offering armor to all of her allies, which lasts till enemies injury it away.


Brigitte’s origin story video (above) describes how whereas rising up she was impressed by her father and Reinhardt’s tales of heroism, and the way that want to assist manifested in her changing into a assist engineer for the workforce, fixing their armor and growing weapons. Finally, she might now not sit on the sidelines and felt compelled to affix the battle herself. We see a second of a younger Brigitte doing padded weapon coaching with Reinhardt, explaining why she would take a lot after him in battle.

Blizzard started teasing Brigitte with a letter that many (ourselves included) interpreted to imply out subsequent hero can be a newly talked about Turkish man. Leaks over the subsequent few days, nonetheless, pushed group consensus towards Brigitte. Blizzard additionally included a couple of sly nods towards “Jetpack Cat,” a scrapped hero idea that the group has embraced. Brigitte is proven tinkering with a jetpack for her household cat in her origin video, main many followers to hope that Jetpack Cat will really make its manner into the sport, maybe as a part of Brigitte’s final skill. Even when not, it’s a enjoyable instance of Blizzard’s playful embrace of the group.