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Manikarnika The Queen of Jhansi’ Teaser will be released on 15, August 2018. Kangana is in the role of Laxmibai in this film. This movie will tell the story of the bravery of Rani Laxmibai. Kangna has recently seen some of the film’s highlights and has teamed up with the filmmakers to ensure that the teaser of the film is released on the occasion of Independence Day. Kamal Jain is the producer of this film.

The screenplay of this movie is written by writer Vijayendra Prasad of ‘Bahubali’. The screenplay of this movie is written by the writer of ‘Bahubali’ Vijayendra Prasad. He felt the subject of Laxmibai’s is great and will appeal universally. So he decided to develop the screenplay for the film. The other reason was that it was to be made on the scale of ‘Bahubali’, hence the writer of that understanding was needed. In an interview, Vijayendra said, “I could only be the person who can write this story because my daughter’s name is Manikarnika itself. I had read the story of the bravery of Lakshmibai in my childhood, so I kept my daughter’s name as Manikarnika too. I have been waiting for years to write a movie on this subject.

Amazingly there are 15 unique costumes for different characters in the movie which would be used during the making for this movie.

The film’s costume is designed by Neeta Lulla. For this, he took more than six months. Along with them, about 40 people gathered to complete this work. In an interview, Nita said, generally the number of main characters in films is four to five, But almost 15 main characters in this movie. You can understand about this and the film will be as a costume drama too. We originally used the Nauvari Sarees as a costume. For the war sequence, we designed the Achkan Attire. We have done very well for the British uniform.

War sequences filmed with 2000 crew members: The film’s action is designed by Nick Powell. The team members told that Within 15 days of receiving the offer, he came to India from America. There were many war sequences that they filmed with two or two thousand people. Kangana learned Talwar Baji for about 40 days before going on the shoot. Apart from them, Ankita Lokhande and Danny had already started the training before Nick came to India. He gave all to two months to learn horse riding. Interestingly, there is a good number of women fighters in this movie.

We believe this movie will be full of new experiences and the film lovers would be eagerly awaiting the release of this film. In the real sense, the Queen of Bollywood would be worth to watch in a real sense. As people say history repeats.