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When you think humanity can not sink any lower, Internet will disappoint you. As if the possibility of a Teenage girl being pregnant wasn’t gory enough, someone decided to make a show out of it.

Sheer unfortunate events that make both teen mothers and her children life a question is now somehow source of entertainment for millions of people. We are talking about “Teen Mom OG”, a 2009 spin off of show “16 and Pregnent”.

Briston Palin and Teen Mom OG

Although this genre of entertainment absurdly absurd , people watch this, and now actress Bristol Palin is hired for latest  season.

Following are the new developments on this show , which is a representation of civilization’s absolute horrified degradation.

Briston Palin , daughter of Sarah Palin, was perhaps the most infamous pregnant underage girl in the country in 2008. This was year of presidential elections her mother ran for Vice President in America learned that 17 year old Palin was expecting a child.

Palin has three kids: a son named Tripp and two daughters, Sailor and Atlee. She is divorced from the father of her second two children, Dakota Meyer.

Levi Johnston, to whom Bristol was briefly engaged back during the 2008 Presidential campaign and someone who was rather prominent on the national scene at the time.