TVS motors is preparing for the launch its new 110 cc single cylinder petrol engine Hybrid Scooter on 23rd August 2018. This new Hybrid Scooter was first showcased during 2014 auto expo. It is the combination of internal combustion engine ICE and electric motor that deliver cost effective commutation. This is entirely new segment in market. As per the sources the name TVS iQube scooter’s name has been registered with a new trade mark logo.

TVS iQube Hybrid Scooter
TVS iQube Hybrid Scooter

TVS iQube

It seems that the company has been silent over the years and this year they are coming into the competitive market with new range of products. The new launch includes advanced RTR 160 4V, Ntorq125 Scooter and Apache RR310 bike.

It would be interesting to see the new TVS iQube scooter as this is the first product in this segment it took almost 8 years to develop the commercial product for its customers. TVS has always been the frontrunner while it comes to product offerings and this time it the technology and the futuristic style that has freshness in design and attract more buyers. If we see the current market this is a niche product and there is no immediate competitor who has such kind of product in this segment.

Let’s guess how much this new Hybrid scooter cost. When we guess about pricing and considering other factors the price for this new iQube Hybrid scooter will range between Rs. 75,000/- to Rs. 85,000/-. This is a guess not the right price as this will be revealed on 23rd August 2018. But yes, there are certain incentives offered on electric and hybrid vehicles by FAME India scheme. Though the FAME incentive scheme is valid till 30th September 2018. And this scooter will be launched this month. The FAME scheme offers incentives in range of Rs.1800 to Rs.29000 for battery operated scooters.  Rest assured this new iQube Hybrid scooter will have a competitive price for sure.

The scooter may have cosmetic changes as shown in 2010 auto expo. To keep the weight low for best possible fuel or energy efficiency this scooter will have fiber composite body and aluminium components. The new scooter comprises of digital display for the instrument cluster. The instrument cluster will have two bars one is for fuel and another one is for the battery. Other features include daylight running LED headlight, pillion footrest, pass light and a long comfortable seat for two. It has got electric start and LED tail lights. This iQube design is attractive will impress other too.

You may find the riding position on seat is different from other scooters you can expect a lower seat. Lithium-ion batteries are placed under the footboard with an option to remove battery for charging and replace it with the fully charged battery. With this the scooter has hybrid power system is equipped with regenerative braking system that produces energy and recharge the lithium-ion battery pack. This is a great scooter for short city rides with ZERO fuel consumption and friendly to our environment.

This hybrid scooter also has multiple driving modes like Hybrid Power or Hybrid Economy. The rider can choose any one option as per his/her wish. It is obvious in power mode the hybrid system will deliver more power, acceleration and overall optimum performance. The economy more will deliver less power but better engine performance.

As we see the current market is competitive but this iQube scooter is hybrid so that is unique in its own sense and it will create its own segment. Let’s wait and see how this product looks and see the buyer’s reviews and people’s reaction. We may find more on 23rd of August 2018.